Tips for Staying in Touch During your Business Trip

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Traveling can be an exciting adventure, but when you are traveling frequently for business, you can start to lose touch with home.  Our corporate guests are here for extended periods of time, so we know how difficult it can be to stay in touch with family, friends, and your home office.  We’ve discovered over the years some ways to help people stay in touch while they are traveling.


You are going to find that your business trip won’t leave much time for chit chat.  This is why timing is everything.  Treat your communication with home as one of your most important jobs.  Schedule times for each form of contact, and each group of people.  Make sure you have a specific time set aside each day or night to check in with your immediate family, a time scheduled to email or use social interaction with friends, and time scheduled to check in with your home office.  If you create windows to set aside time, you will be able to fully focus on your loved ones and home base without distraction.


An old-fashioned phone call is great for getting a business report from your home office, and meaningful for catching up with your loved ones.  If you want to take a more technological route, try some of the more advanced methods.  Skype allows you to live video chat, as does Facebook Messenger.  Both parties must have these applications installed in order to use.  Marco Polo is another video app, but this focuses on sending video messages throughout the day. It’s great for quick communication or checking in.


Share your schedule with colleagues and loved ones during your business trip.  TRAVO is a sharable business itinerary, and google calendar can be shared as well.  By keeping people posted on your activities, you can stay connected.

Task Management

Keep your home team on task with task management platforms.  Teamwork, Basecamp, and Asana are some of the more popular programs.  They will help keep your staff and team on task, and let you know if something is lagging behind.

Staying in touch while you are away will help you balance your home and business life, even when on the road.  The key to maintaining your connection to your home life is organization, and the right technology.  With wifi capabilities in your Cornerstone Furnished apartment, you’ll easily stay in touch.

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