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If you are used to traveling for extended periods of time, you know that each trip can be an adjustment.  Fortunately, this is a common occurrence for many, which is why modern apps have made it easy.  Our corporate housing has provided for your comfort, and these apps will provide for your convenience.

The Best Apps to use During Your Corporate Stay


Ever wish you had picked a better seat on the airplane?  Seatguru is the expert that will help you pick the best seat on the plane every time.  It will point out possible discomforts, such as inadequate legroom.  Using seatguru will help you choose the right upgrade for your flight to ensure you have a comfortable journey.


Travelling out of the country?  Whatsapp allows you to communicate with friends, colleagues, and family using a wifi connection.  As long as you plan your communication ahead of time and everyone has the app, you can call, message, and even group text worldwide.  If you don’t have wifi, you can use your phone data for a fraction of the cost of an international data text message.


You can encounter foreign languages in any country, which is why iTranslate is a must have for the traveling business person.  This app can translate over 90 languages.  You can use the app to read, write, and even learn to speak in foreign languages.  

Google Maps

The Google Maps app is a must have for any traveler.  You can look up local dining, entertainment, and pretty much anything you could ever need.  You can also get directions and arrival times, regardless of your mode of transportation.  It even includes walking and public transit.  In fact, Google Maps is one of the easiest ways to figure out the best public transit route and times for your destination.


Business trips require a group of reservations.  Your taxi, flight, and shuttle are just a few of the items to be added to your itinerary just to arrive at your Cornerstone Furnished apartment.  When you have the TripIt app, you can forward all of your confirmations to one location, which then organizes it into a easy to read master itinerary- confirmation numbers, reservations, and all.


Cogi is a recording app that will help you document each meeting with ease.  You can capture, review, and share sessions.  You can custom name each session, or leave them with the date and time.  You can even use the app to record phone calls.  
With these apps, you’ll be sure to have a fun and successful business trip during your extended stay. During your trip, Cornerstone Furnished Solutions offers corporate housing solutions for your convenience and comfort.  



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