5 Signs You Should Choose a Corporate Apartment for Your Business Trip

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Sometimes, we have to travel for business, and when we do, we have options as to where we can stay. One of those options is corporate apartments. Unless you are a seasoned business traveler, you may not realize the value of a corporate apartment and why you may need one. Here are five signs that you should choose corporate housing in Jacksonville for your next business trip.

Signs You Should Choose Corporate Housing in Jacksonville

  1. You’re Going To Be There Awhile

If your trip is a long one, you’re going to want a place to come home too. A corporate apartment provides that, and gives you the option of long term housing instead of a nightly rate at a small hotel room.


  1. You Value Your Privacy

Corporate Apartments are actual apartments that are temporarily leased for corporate housing. This means that you are in an actual apartment building instead of a hotel or bed-and-breakfast where there is more volume and less privacy.  You can relax on your day off without fear of any interruptions- unless you’ve made friends already with your neighbors!

  1.  You Value Your Space

Corporate Apartments give you the benefit of having a place of your own. You have a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom that you can live in and call your own. Not even most hotel suites have the space that is available and a corporate apartment.

  1.  No Changes

In hotels, things change. One week may be very busy because a group is coming in, or perhaps they are going through renovations you were unaware of when you first signed up.  If you are staying for an extended period of time, this could mean that you have to move your room unexpectedly or make alterations to your plans. At a corporate apartment, the apartment is yours from start to finish.

  1.   Great Amenities

Why travel if you cannot travel in style? The buildings in which we rent our corporate apartments are specifically chosen for their excellent amenities and unique property attributes. Each property has something that sets it apart from the others, and you will not be disappointed when you have your corporate stay in a Cornerstone Furnished Solutions corporate apartment.
If any of these signs apply to you, you may want to start to consider a corporate apartment for your trip.  Do you use corporate apartments for your business travel?  What are your reasons?


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