Tips for Short Term Housing & Subletting Your Home While You are Away

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If you travel often for extended periods of time, you may have used short term housing like that offered by Cornerstone Furnished Solutions before.  Short Term Housing

While you’re away, your home is vacant.  Leaving your home open and empty means that you are not only leaving it unattended, but you are paying household expenses for a space you aren’t using.  

One solution that works well for most is subletting.  Having someone temporarily sublet your space while you are away will help to alleviate expenses and ensure that your home does not sit unattended.  

Here are Tips for Short Term Housing & Sublet Safely

If you have a landlord, the first thing you want to do when subletting is discuss it with them.  Most times, you will not have an issue, and informing the landlord gives you a level of protection from eviction, refusal of repairs or maintenance, and poor sublet tenants.  

The landlord may have access to tools that can help you verify your tenant, such as background checks, or they may be able to give you tips on how to get the proper information yourself.

When you’ve made the decision to sublet, approach the people you trust first.  Friends or family who you know are responsible may be able to recommend someone or help spread the word.  

You want to be very careful about the person you sublet your home to, so the more information you have access to, the better for you.  No matter who you interview to sublet your space, make sure you get at least two references.

Former landlords would be preferable, but employers or character references are also a good starting point.  The goal is just to get an idea of who you’ll be entrusting your space to.

Cover All Your Bases

Once you have found your tenant, make sure you meet them in person to show them around.  Leave them a list to make it easier for them and for you.  

Any special care or information they need to know about the apartment, Wifi passwords, where to take the garbage, and contact information for someone that you can trust.

If the tenant has issues those are a few things you can include that will help your tenant have a comfortable stay.

Subletting your home can be a great way to keep things maintained and gain some extra income.  If you are diligent, careful, and accommodating, you can keep a regular stream of responsible tenants for your extended stays.  While you’re away, consider Cornerstone Furnished Solutions for your short term housing needs.

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