Helping Your Pet Adjust to Your Cornerstone Apartment

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Our pets are like family, and sometimes they have to come with us on a business trip. That’s why our Cornerstone Furniture Solutions long-term temporary housing options include pet friendly options. As comfortable as we try to make your pet, it can be tough to get them to adjust to a new location. Here are some tips for making your pet feel at home, even when traveling.

Make Your Pet Feel at Home in Your Long-Term Temporary Housing


Chances are, if you’re staying with us for long-term temporary housing, you are traveling a bit of a distance. When traveling with your pet, it is a good idea to practice with them before the trip. You can do this by getting them comfortable in a carrier. First, put them in the carrier for a short time every day before your trip. If you are flying or crating your dog, the same practice applies.

If traveling by car, start bringing your pet on short trips with you. A couple of car rides per week should get them used to the idea of being in a moving vehicle.

Pack Familiar Items

Pack a few familiar for your pet. Their favorite toy is a great item to bring.Their food and water dishes are also something that you can easily pack and will make them feel at home. If they have a favorite bed or pillow, bring that along too (if you have room!)


Consistency is important with any animal. Once you are settled into your Cornerstone Furnished Apartment, it’s time to let the dust settle on the upheaval for your animal that traveling caused.   As busy as you surely are, try to make time to keep your pet’s regular routine. Feed them at the same time you would have at home, take your dog on a walk the same  number of times per day, and be sure to locate that same food they love at home. The sooner your pet’s settled back into their routine, the  sooner they will start treating the new location like home.

Quality Time

The first couple days are crucial to settling in your pet.  Make sure you spend lots of quality time with them and play with them as often as you can. Slowly work your way back into your regular play time as the week goes by.   Make sure you trickle down playtime to a normal amount, without any sudden changes.

Be Around

Try to get  settled in a couple days before your appointments begin. This way, you can spend some time with your pet before you leave them alone too often during your stay.  You can also look after them, since it is perfectly normal for pets to act out a little bit when you move them from their regular territory.