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Furnished Housing OrlandoThose looking for furnished housing need look no further than Cornerstone Furnished Solutions in Orlando, Florida.

Dubbed “The City Beautiful”, Orlando is known for art, culture, fine dining, and entertainment.  

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, we offer furnished housing at multiple properties in Orlando.  

When you stay in one of our Orlando properties, you will feel right at home in this beautiful and exciting city.

Orlando Offers Furnished Housing & So Much More

Orlando is well known for its many attractions.  Home to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, Sea World, Epcot, and many other theme parks, Orlando has long been a sought out vacation spot.  

Discovery Cove and the Kennedy Space Center are also worth the trip.  When you stay in Orlando, you have access to a mini vacation any time you want with all of these attractions.

However, there is a lot more than the many tourist attractions that makes Orlando unique.  The cities motto, “The City Beautiful”, is a reference to a movement of beautification in cities in the 18-1900’s.  

Much effort has gone into reviving and enhancing Orlando’s downtown.

Entertainment and events are a big part of downtown.  Amway Center provides a venue for professional sports, concerts, and shows in the city.    

In addition, live performances and music can be found at many of the local restaurants and bars.  There’s always some type of event going on in Orlando, including an Industry Night, Block Party, and a popular farmer’s market.

You can’t mention Orlando without mentioning the arts.  A big part of Downtown Orlando is the infusion of art and art appreciation.  

The Charles Hosmer Museum of Modern Art is definitely worth a visit, and visitors of Orlando will love the SEE Art Tour.

SEE Art is a collection of contemporary sculptures around the city, which are inspired by aspects of Orlando itself.

The City Arts Factory is home to six art galleries, an art studio, and a classroom in which local artists give classes.  

It also has its own performance area.  The City Arts Factory shows both international and local artist’s works, making it a destination for those who appreciate art and local culture.

The city of Orlando is also well-known for its beautiful and abundant golf courses.  It is one of the world’s largest golf destinations, and home to over 170 golf courses.  

It’s also home to some very well-known golf academies, and is the destination choice for golfers at all levels of skill.

Perhaps the most poignant embodiment of Orlando as “The City Beautiful” is the community.  Countless Orlando based volunteer organizations have made Orlando what it is today. 

The small business owners of the city band together to create a unique experience with every step you take.  In the face of recent tragedies, the community has come together and raised massive awareness as well as financial donations to help the families and people affected.  

When you visit Orlando, you’ll be introduced to a unique and thriving community that works together in times of crisis and in times of flourishment.

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, we don’t just provide you a place to stay.  We provide you with a home away from home.  You’ll love staying in our Orlando properties, and you’ll love the city they call home.

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