Mixing Business With Pleasure: How to Make the Most of a Business Trip

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Staying in one of our corporate housing in Jacksonville properties at Cornerstone Furnished Solutions for your business trip should be an enjoyable experience.  Corporate Housing in Jacksonville

Take time during your corporate trip to have a mini vacation and take advantage of the area.  

We know time is limited, but there are a few ways you can be sure to mix business with pleasure.

One of the easiest ways to enjoy your trip is to take advantage of our property.  

Our corporate housing Jacksonville has amenities for all types of lifestyles.  Whether you are a culinary buff or love swimming, our properties have something for everyone.

Corporate Housing in Jacksonville Has the Best of Both Worlds

Plan a one or two night layover for your flight.  Planning a layover will give you the opportunity to have a mini vacation before or after your trip.  

It can help break up the way home so you can unwind and reset.  Or, a layover can become a planning session to get you in the right frame of mind on the way.

Stay longer than needed if you are covered for flights.  You can extend your business trip a few days to have some time of your own.  

The only thing you’ll be responsible for is your extra expense.  Flight pricing shouldn’t change, so you’ll still be covered if you stay longer.

Look for and attend a convention during your stay, and schedule around those days.  You’ll still be working, but conventions are a fun way to mix business and pleasure.  You may even be able to incorporate the convention into your trip.

Make It a Family Afair

Bringing the family is another way you can mix business and pleasure.  You can bring your partner, your kids, or your pet.  At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, we have furnished apartments available for the whole family.  

We recommend notifying your employer if you plan on your family tagging along.  For people who travel often for work, bringing the family is common practice.  Usually, this will happen at least a few times per year, allowing for a family vacation in your corporate travels.

Make sure you explore the area.  Most areas have a lot to offer.  Even though your trip may be tiring, you won’t regret slipping out of your room to visit the local hot spots and scenes.  Take some time before or after appointments to enjoy yourself.

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, we are dedicated to giving you the opportunity to make the most out of your stay.  Our luxury amenities, convenient locations, and fun-filled areas ensure that you have no trouble mixing business with pleasure.

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