Corporate Furnished Apartments and Staying Health

Cornerstone Furnished Solutions Uncategorized Tags: , reported that 86% of business travelers surveyed claim to gain 1 ½ pounds per week while away for work. It’s no wonder how, between business dinners, constantly grabbing food on the run, and skipping the gym on a regular basis excess weight tends to add up. Oftentimes, when traveling for business the opportunity to prepare a healthy meal, like a smoothie, rarely presents itself while picking up a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit is easy. Unfortunately, this can cost you hundreds of calories a day and make a dent in your budget. Instead of forking over 7 to 10 bucks a day for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich spend that at the grocery store and see how quickly the savings add up. The most important aspects to staying healthy while traveling for business is convenience and preparation, having the resources of a complete kitchen is vital in ensuring you maintain your nutritional needs.

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions we try to do our part by offering fully furnished and stocked kitchens in all of our apartment rentals. After all, we know that a rusted stove or hot plate that you may find at some extended stay hotels won’t inspire anyone’s culinary side but a modern and sleek kitchen sure might!

This added convenience comes standard in all of our corporate furnished apartments in our fully equipped kitchen package which includes:

  • Refrigerator, Microwave, Stove and Dishwasher
  • Toaster, Can Opener, and Coffee Maker
  • Full Utensil Package
  • Dishes, Flatware, Wine Glasses, Beverage and Juice Glasses
  • Pots and Pans
  • Complete Kitchen Package

As an added bonus, when you stay at one of our corporate furnished apartments you have access to all on-site amenities which often includes gyms or workout equipment. From pools to weights and treadmills, having the opportunity to go for a quick run or swim before or after work ensures that you will stay healthy and achieve your fitness goals while on the road.

So, whether you are traveling for business or relocating, stay healthy by avoiding the extra calories and save money by renting one of Cornerstone’s corporate furnished apartments.

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