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Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Temporary Housing

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There are a lot of considerations that you have to think about when picking your new home, no matter how short your stay will be. This will be where you’ll sleep, eat and work. Not only should it be comfortable and safe, it should have all of the necessary elements to benefit your lifestyle. Ask… more »

Helping Your Pet Adjust to Your Cornerstone Apartment

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long-term temporary housing

Our pets are like family, and sometimes they have to come with us on a business trip. That’s why our Cornerstone Furniture Solutions long-term temporary housing options include pet friendly options. As comfortable as we try to make your pet, it can be tough to get them to adjust to a new location. Here are… more »

The Bright Side of Holiday Business Trips

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Being away from home on the holidays can be a bummer.  Hopefully, you’ve already started to think of your corporate apartment in Orlando, Florida as your home away from home- but we know it’s not the same.  To get you through, here are some great ways to celebrate during your business trip this holiday season.… more »