Furnished Apartments Tampa – Millenium Westshore Culinary Culture

Cornerstone Furnished Solutions ,

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, we strive to offer a variety of furnished apartments Tampa that fit the needs and lifestyles of varied individuals. One way we do this is to utilize properties with great activities and amenities to offer.  If you are a culinary enthusiast, and are looking for long-term temporary residence in the Tampa area, Millenium… more »

Corporate Furnished Apartments and Staying Health

Cornerstone Furnished Solutions , reported that 86% of business travelers surveyed claim to gain 1 ½ pounds per week while away for work. It’s no wonder how, between business dinners, constantly grabbing food on the run, and skipping the gym on a regular basis excess weight tends to add up. Oftentimes, when traveling for business the opportunity to prepare… more »