Best Places to Meet with Clients in Jacksonville, Florida

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Jacksonville is a popular place to do business, which is why we offer short term rentals in Florida for those who travel here for work.  When you are conducting business in a new area, you sometimes need to get the lay of the land to be efficient.  Since you aren’t in your home office, you also need a place to meet with colleagues or clients.  Whatever industry you’re in, here are some of the best places to meet with clients in Jacksonville.

Conducting Business in Jacksonville, Florida

Lunch Meetings

If you are looking for a great place to have lunch and discuss a little business, these restaurants are the top picks for Jacksonville.  Azurea at One Ocean is an American restaurant with a beautiful view.  BB’s Restaurant and Bar is another local favorite, with fresh seafood and a great menu.  Both of these restaurants showcase the best parts of Jacksonville and provide a comfortable atmosphere for a meeting.



If you need to meet a client near the airport, there are plenty of great places to meet nearby.  For convenient location, most business-savvy professionals meet at the Millhouse Steakhouse.  They are well known, in addition to being close to the airport, for excellent service, reasonable pricing, and great food.


Office Space

If you want a strictly professional setting, Jacksonville also has a number of office spaces available.  These offices come fully furnished and are available on a monthly basis, making them the perfect place to conduct business for the travelling professional.  You can even rent them by the hour, if you have a client you want to impress!


Happy Hour


Bistro Aix is the place to make a great business impression, and is the choice place to grab drinks with a client or colleague.  They are known for having a professional and fun atmosphere.  They even have a/v hookups available by request.  This is also the place to go to host a business event, and they offer drink specials for such occasions.


At Your Apartment

At Cornerstone Furnished Solutions, you will have a full setup for your short term rentals in Florida.  You can easily conduct business in your living area or dining setup, thanks to our high speed wifi in each apartment.  
If you’re traveling to Jacksonville for business, you’ll find a number of great places to have your meetings.  When the meetings are over for the day, kick back and relax in your temporary home at Cornerstone Furnished Solutions.


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