Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Temporary Housing

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There are a lot of considerations that you have to think about when picking your new home, no matter how short your stay will be. This will be where you’ll sleep, eat and work. Not only should it be comfortable and safe, it should have all of the necessary elements to benefit your lifestyle.

Ask Yourself These Questions When Looking for Temporary Housing

To help you assess whether the apartment you’re looking at is the best temporary housing option for you, here are some questions you should be asking yourself before you say yes.

  • Who Will Pay for the Apartment?

This is something important to know before you start your search.  The scope of your search may change if you are covering the expense of the apartment versus your company or client covering the cost.

  • What Benefits Am I Getting?

This directs you to look at the bigger picture. Apart from a roof over your head, what does your temporary apartment offer you? Is it closer to your internship or the new job you want to try out? Is this close to the neighborhood you picture yourself permanently living in?

Maybe it comes with a great café, a fitness center, or a meeting area – allowing you to save on the commute going to all those places your frequent.  It may be conveniently located to where you need to be.  Think about your current lifestyle and assess that with your choice of home and how much it costs. It has to make sense.

  • Is There a Good Network and Data Connection?

With almost every service and human function now related to phones and the internet, you need to check if your apartment has a good connection. A lot of tenants forget to ask if their specific room is a dead spot, which means you can barely get a signal. For those who work at home or spend tons of time online, this is a deal breaker.

  • What are my Added Costs?

This should include everything, from your utility expenses to the new furniture and appliances that you have to replace or buy. For most temporary housing options, the key is ease of moving in because you don’t plan to stay there long.   Furnished apartments are able to provide this seamless move.